Why Turkey? Why Hattat Clinic?

In Hattat Clinic, Istanbul, we are renowned for our high standards and sophisticated medical procedures. Our clinic is boutique clinic at highly competitive prices. We are the first clinic using the latest technological breakthroughs, such as Greenlight for Prostate, HIFU treatment and Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer. With a high level of expertise in in terms of infrastructure and proficiency, our surgeons are trained to the same high standards as the rest of Europe and are fluent in English. Hattat Clinic is an international center accepted by European Society of Sexual Medicine. We play also a key role in sexual dysfunction through our strategic partnership with European Sexual Health Alliance, as the co-founder and president of this non profit organization situated in more than 12 European countries to facilitate counselling, networking and treatment services for sexual dysfunction patients and their partners. What’s more, Turkey is a Muslim country that benefits from the numerous historic attractions which tourists can visit while they recuperate.

As experts working in urology and sexual dysfunction, it is clear to us that the majority of people do not want just live longer, they want to enjoy these extra years. They want to be active, independent and involved with family and the community. Our integrated medical approach is focused on health and healing by creating a synergy of your physical and pshycological functions. Your medical history and lifestyle give the benchmarks from which the Hattat team can build an individual Sexual Wellness programme. Our team of specialist consultants plan the strategies that will set you on the path to an extended active life-span, with physical, emotional and sexual wellbeing as achievable goals.